The Last Presentation on Nippon Maru…

Just got this video from Jin. Thank you very much for this Jin. This is the one of the best thing in Nippon Maru. My last presentation about Traditional Culture with Rain from Phillipine.

The things that make me never forget this moment are:

  1. This is my last presentation on Nippon Maru and I used A1 Attire!!! The highest attire on the program.
  2. We presented in the name of Traditional Culture Discussion Group.
  3. I’m the one of the two presenter from Indonesia.
  4. We pesenteted in front of all of the participating Youth from 11 countries who used A1 attire and also in front of Japan Government. Nervous???!!! Yes of course! But thanks God! I did it.
  5. We can manage the time for presentation nicely… Coz we can’t present more than 5 minutes. And we did it only about 3 minutes 15 seconds.
  6. This is one day before the last day on Nippon Maru.
  7. This is the last formal on board program.
  8. This is the moment of me just be my self.

Thank you and thank you for all the support to me on Nippon Maru… Thank you for:

  • Mas Wawan (Discussion Fasilitator for Traditional Culture)
  • The representative of Discussion Group Steering Commitee from Traditional Culture: Uni Puji (Indonesia), Rain (Philipine) and K (Malaysia).
  • The team of Discussion Group Steering Committee.
  • All of my friend in the Traditional Culture Discussion Group: Thank you very much for the cooperation during the discussion till the making of our report to be presented here, for the very NICE and Fun Time on the board of our home NIPPON MAru and during the Institutional VIsit in Japan and Brunei Darussalam… Very Nice Tea Ceremony… **even I dont like Green Tea.. hehehe** and the Kampung Air of Brunei Darussalam with the traditional food, dance and nice culture…
  • INDONESIA!!! Thank you… Thank you… Abah, Anti, Felix, Pon-Pon, Mas Hen, Sitti, Deni Biak, Nunoy, Rangga, My Couple Yanes, Kiki, Pii, Uni Puji, Degus Unggas, Patricia, Reza,  Jannah, Dony, Miftah, bang Dedi, Amel, Ury, Ani, Ano oh Ano, Vey, Nat and my YL and AYL Tari Ondel-Ondel and Uda Endo.
  • All the admin in Nippon Maru…
  • My Lovely cabin mate: Mariko and Na… I miss u sister…
  • And Thank you very much for this video… Thank you Jin…

I MISS THIS MOMENT, The moment on Nippon Maru… With all of you guys… Batch 2008

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