Indonesia Contingent, SSEAYP 35th 2008

Force my self to write in English!!!

2008 is the gift year for my self. After I decided to resign from TVRI Jogja in the beginning of the year, I did nothing! **Even I knew I had something to do…** Well, the only one reason for that decision is I have to finish my Master Degree otherwise the university will drop me out **uppsss… so sad…** Then.. i drew my self to finish my thesis!!! Write… write… and write… almost crazy!!! Finally… I have graduated from my Master Degree on July 2008.

In the middle of writing thesis, I knew that there would be selection for SSEAYP. With very high self motivation I applied it **Ganbatte…** April 22, 2008 is very surprising day!!! I was chosen as IPY batch 35 of SSEAYP 2008 from Yogyakarta Special Province **The place for this year SIGA…**

Finished my Master Degree… then chosen as IPY for SSEAYP… THE SHIP FOR SOUTH EAST ASIAN YOUTH PROGRAM… -Oct to Dec 2008- New life… Inspiring moment… and I met family here…


ipy1Indonesia Contingent (Pic by Hanzi SPY, Edited by Puji IPY **Puji’s Blog**)


They are my family… NOT ONLY for 52 days along my journey in Nippon Maru **about Nippon Maru… read Puji’s blog here…** to visit Japan and 5 Asean countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philipine) for the purpose of strengthen friendship and mutual understanding among the youth of South East Asian countries and Japan. I am with them… my family…  The one who support each other… The one who care, share and love… INDONESIA CONTINGENT



10 thoughts on “Indonesia Contingent, SSEAYP 35th 2008

  1. denwidyan says:

    [to Adhit] come on! don’t be rude! please pay your respect to this lady of the house! she wasn’t disappearing, she was just vanishing before our very eyes! lol… did i mention that she prefers to live on board rather than on land? 🙂

  2. anginbiru says:

    can i join the next SSEAYP to be the representative of Jogja..?? *asking to myself* but hey,, my english is pating blekuthuk,, said Javanese people.. so..?? huff,,

    • Hi Rere,

      It’s the annual program. Program this year will be commenced soon (Oct 26). The Indonesia Participating Youth is now in National Training in Cibubur. You can apply for next year program. Contact your local/nearest Dispora (Dinas Pemuda dan Olah Raga) around March/April 2010. Test and result usually occur in May. Please do participate. Should you contact me for further detail. Good luck.

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